Saint Peter

Map of St. Peter, Jersey
Saint Peter, Jersey
Saint Peter is one of the twelve parishes of Jersey in the Channel Islands. It is in the west central part of the island. Wikipedia
Elevation: 276′
Area: 4.479 mi²
Population: 5,003 (2011)
german underground hospital
Moulin de Quetivel, Le Chemin des Moulins, mill, watermill, St Peter, Jersey; United Kingdom; channel; channel island; island; channel islands; Great Britain; Europe, british
Moulin de Quetivel, Le Chemin des Moulins, mill, watermill, St Peter, Jersey; United Kingdom; channel; channel island; island; channel islands; Great Britain; Europe, british

Jersey Cows


Sculpture by John McKenna, unveiled in 2001 and on display at West’s Center, St Helier

Tourists and locals alike like to sit on them and take pictures.



Jersey cows are very famous across the world.

The Jersey cow is quite small, ranging from only 400–500 kilograms (880–1,100 lb). The main factor contributing to the popularity of the breed has been their greater economy of production, due to:

  • The ability to carry a larger number of effective milking cows per unit area due to lower body weight, hence lower maintenance requirements, and superior grazing ability.
  • Calving ease and a relatively lower rate of dystocia, leading to their popularity in crossbreeding with other dairy and even beef breeds to reduce calving related injuries.
  • High fertility
  • They usually roam free in the fields of Jersey.
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June on the Island of Jersey

June on the Island of Jersey

Jersey’s Floral Festival takes place from Saturday 16th to Sunday 23rd June with a varied and fascinating series
of “behind-the-scenes” talks and tours.


June in Bloom 2013 16 – 23 June
Visit many of Jersey’s stunning floral attractions, each one bursting with fragrance and beauty, for a varied and fascinating series of “behind-the-scenes” talks and tours from expert horticulturalists. We have everything from fields awash with lavender to rare and delicate orchids and private gardens open to the public.
Local botanists and well-known garden experts will lead you on walks of discovery through secret Victorian garden glades filled with exotic trees, manor houses with manicured lawns and onto the wild orchid fields of the island’s wind-swept west coast. Music, concerts, walks and talks will all combine to enhance this celebration of Jersey’s floral magnificence.
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SUPERMAN comes back to the ‘Island of Jersey’

 SUPERMAN  comes back to the ‘Island of Jersey’


Welcome home Superman.
Welcome home Superman.


 Henry Cavill, the actor who plays Superman, can with justification be called Jersey’s Superman.

He is a former student of St Michael’s School who later worked in the ‘Island of Jersey’ at Liquid nightclub, where he made many friends,

and his fame as an international star does not prevent him from fondly calling the ‘Island of Jersey‘ home.

the island of Jersey

Islanders today welcome home their very own Superman and worldwide superstar Henry Cavill.

The Jersey-born actor, star of the new Superman film Man of Steel, will be in the Island with co-stars Russell Crowe and Amy Adams for the Jersey première of the film at Cineworld this evening.

The screening,  will see Russell Crowe, Amy Adams and Henry Cavill walk the red carpet.

She said: “Nobody looks like Henry Cavill. He is fantastic, you must raise really good men in Jersey, he is a wonderful person.

“I told Henry, Jersey is a place I didn’t know existed beforehand and it is going to be really fun, I’m looking forward to it.”

‘Jersey is home”, is the proud proclamation of Henry Cavill, the man playing the latest incarnation of all-American super hero Superman.

The Man of Steel star was born in Jersey and will return to the 45 sq mile island to show off the blockbuster.

“I can’t wait. Jersey is home and we finally get to bring a piece of what I do to our little island,” said Cavill on the red carpet ahead of the European premiere of his film in London’s Leicester Square.

Cavill was born in Jersey and went to St Michael’s Preparatory School in St Saviour before going to Stowe Boarding School in Buckinghamshire.

Sunny Jersey

Sunny Jersey

The Island of Jersey is a beautiful island and a wonderful place to be especially when it’s sunny as it is today.

Here are some images taken by a photographer here in The Island of Jersey, Andy Le Gresley.

He took these images while up in a helicopter circling the Island.

I hope you’ve got a good camera to bring with you as you will find many amazing views to photograph.

Gorey on the Island of Jersey

Amazing arial views over Gorey on the wonderful ‘Island of Jersey’

Here are some other views of the ‘Island of jersey’ taken by various visitors to the Island.



On May the 9th the people of Jersey celebrate the end of the occupation by Nazi Germany during World War II.

It is celebrated as Jersey’s national day. Here are some great photos of the day.

If you are visiting ‘The Island of Jersey’ you will need to bring a Camera with you.

Re-enacting the raising of flags on Liberation Day 2011

On 9 May 1945, HMS Beagle, which had set out from Plymouth, arrived in Jersey to accept the surrender of the occupying forces.

Two naval officers, one of whom was Surgeon Lt Ronald McDonald, were met by the Harbour Master who escorted them to the Harbour Master’s Office where they together hoisted the Union Jack, before also raising it on the flagstaff of the Pomme D’Or Hotel.

This has been re-enacted every year on Liberation Day since 1995. From 2003 to 2011 Harbour Master and Jerseyman Captain Howard Le Cornu performed this annually.

His father John E. Le Cornu and uncle David M. Le Cornu had been in the crowds and had witnessed the occasion on 9 May 1945.

Bank holidays on the ‘Island of Jersey’.

The Public Holidays and Bank Holidays (Jersey) Act 1952 established Liberation Day as a public holiday if it fell on a weekday.

The Public Holidays and Bank Holidays (Jersey) Act 2010 further laid down that Liberation was also to be a public holiday if it falls on a Saturday.

It is not a public holiday, and no day off in lieu is provided, if it falls on a Sunday.


Bailiff, Lieutenant-Governor and other officials in procession on Liberation Day 2012

Since the 50th anniversary of Liberation in 1995, a pattern of official ceremonies has developed based in and around Liberation Square in Saint Helier where the events at the Harbour Master’s Office and Pomme D’Or Hotel occurred in 1945.